22 February 2009

Why I want to move to France

The more time I spend in France, the more I want to live here. It's ridiculous because I absolutely cannot make up my mind: a big city in the US (such as NYC, Chicago, or Austin), or a small town in France (somewhere in the region of Bretagne). Really, it's quite difficult to decide. But here are some reasons for why France:

The romance.
No, it's not just from the movies. There really is a difference in love in France and in the US. In the states, holding hands in public is sometimes frowned upon- definitely not widely accepted. And kissing in public? No way josé! But in France all of this is everywhere... and not just by young people, either. The lovebirds are ALL ages and it is absolutely beautiful to see such a thing. I say PDA all the WAY!

I swear no one here wears watches, because no one is ever on time. But you know what? That's PERFECT for me because I don't own or wear a watch. Cell phone always on my hip? No, I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a clock on it (shhhhh).

While it may be difficult to learn the french language, it is absolutely beautiful. I may hate it at times, but when I'm not thinking about it, it's fantastic.

There is so much history to France... the castles are gorgeous, and the homes are made out of stone. It's incredible. But the coolest thing is learning about the history of the different places... like when Mont Saint Michel was first built on the "island" in the middle of this mud waterbed feeling gunk, it was tiny and there wasn't much to it. However, it eventually turned in to the ginormous masterpiece that it is today.

The coast:
The coast spans on for miles and miles and miles. It is incredibly relaxing. I think I just stood there for awhile reflecting on life: friends, family, past, and future. There just aren't distractions. I know we have the east and west coasts in the states, but there was something different about this. Maybe it was the dogs running free on the beaches, or all of the families just walking and enjoying it all. I'm really not quite sure, but it was fantastic. 

However, I don't know how to wear shoes for a beach :P

Kinda fell in love with this guy, though (don't worry daddy... customs won't let me bring him home with me!)

Ok, here are just a few random pics from the day:

and finally...

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