13 February 2009

Cat as a dog

I was walking to class just now, and a man made me day.

He was walking his cat as if it was a dog. And talking to it as one, too. Without a leash. Like all of the dogs in Angers.



  1. Oh, geez! I would have loved to see that. :) Meow!

  2. Ha. I've thought about taking Hannah on a walk, but afraid she'd run away. Heck, she basically acts like a dog and knows how to fetch and comes running when I call her name.
    Meow misses you.
    I passed boards.
    Writtens are tomorrow. I've memorized 1115 notecards for a 115 question test. Yeah. that's a lot. But I'm determined. Whatever grade I get on the test is the amount of money I spend on clothes. I have to get a 75 or above. so minimum is 75. Max is 100. If I get 100 percent, I'll be the first person in the owner of American Academys life to know of anyone who got 100. It's what I"m shooting for, I'll put it that way. oh. Graduation Sunday. yay... pics with kristi and meagie. can't wait. hope wherever you are is great. I've tried getting on skype but you're never on, okay, before i grounded myself from the computer to study for a week i was on. But I'm grounding myself again..probably after like tomorrow. Well, once lent starts, so I guess the 26th, cause I"m giving up my computer for lent. As well as a ton of other things. So you might not hear from me til Easter.