22 February 2009

Love is powerful

I find it amazing that while this flower is dying, it is still absolutely beautiful. In fact, I think I was drawn to it because it was dying. And I'm thinking too deep, and perhaps stuck in my romantic fantasy of a world, but here is my analysis of this:
A rose is a universal symbol for love and beauty. So, even though this rose is dying, it is still beautiful. Even when you are dying the person you love the most should still love you and think you're beautiful, no matter if you are a child or 120 years old. Because you know what? Life and love is beautiful, and so are you.

" Vive ce moment present, croyez-moi! N'attendez pas demain. Cueillez aujourd'hui les roses de la vie." - Pierre de Ronsard
= "Live now, believe me! Wait not till tomorrow. Gather the roses of life today."

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