19 February 2009


Alas, I have internet.... at my house! I have to admit, however, that I really was kind of liking the fact that when I came home, I slept or worked on homework. But it was keeping me away from home a lot... because I never seem to want to do any of those things (except sleep. right after dinner. at 8pm. oh yea).

So, since i have internet and I'm - as usual- avoiding homework, I might as well update you on a few things.

School supplies:
All of you who have studied abroad failed miserably at telling me to bring some very important things: school supplies. While books for class are much cheaper here than in the states, school supplies are outrageous! A cheap BIC pen is .60 euros. A notebook to write in? Can't find one for less than 2 euro... and that's IF you're lucky. However, the 2 euro is for a notebook with grid paper. If you are lucky enough to find a spiral with plain horizontal lines, it will be ruled for a first grader, and cost a good 8 euro. No complaining here :) Just a word from the wise....

Sidewalks are for 3 things in Angers. Walking, parking, and a place for dogs to poop. No wonder the French get the stereotype of not being friendly while walking in the streets... they are always looking down to make sure they don't step in dog poop. It all makes so much sense now!

Like in the states, you can meet some really interesting people in a bar. But I feel like the people here are even more interesting than the people you can find in Lawrence. I will give you some descriptions...
French man, late 30's, hanging out in the bar that is known as an international hangout. Beligerant, obnoxious, and touchy. His friend supposedly has only been to the US once, and it was to visit a friend who who just happened to live in Lawrence. 2 truths and a lie? Um, I think they were all lies.
Next attempt at going to this bar, the first non- american who approaches me is an italian man, 40s, eh, yea. Tells me he loves me, wants to buy me a drink, and take me to Italy with him. Luckily I had Piper who saw my look of desperation and pulled me aside. He then approaches her and calls her names for taking me away from him. Hm.
Nicolas (I think was his name?). 17, thinks he's super cool- but not. Unkept blonde surfer hair and huge red artsy glasses. Happened to have a friend dating a student who has been studying abroad in Angers since last semester, so they convinced the rest of us to come meet their friends all the way upstairs, secluded from the rest of the french people. They were young, immature, and pretty much acted like they ruled the world. From this encounter, I decided it's not worth lowering the drinking age to 16. I don't think it makes any difference. Kids will be kids regardless of how long they have been allowed to drink alcohol.
Ludic, Jacques, and italian friend (whose name i can't remember!). Actually, they are perhaps the coolest people I've met at a bar thus far, and after they finish their exams next week, my KU friends and them will be hanging out more- finally! A legit way to practice my french! AHD they're our age. PLUS!
Kat: She's the bartender at the international student bar. Born and raised in France, but LOVES america. She's so much fun and such a crazy goof!

I walk EVERYWHERE. And I LOVE it because I eat so much bread and cheese during the day (thank goodness for lactaid!) that I get to work it off this way.

Host mom:
She's SUPER cool. Well, things were kind of rocky for a bit, but they're better now. She doesn't know any english, so dinner time is fantastic because we all talk for about an hour. Her cooking is FABULOUS and I look forward to every m/t/w nights because I get to eat her food! She calls me "Cat" which I think is kinda funny, but I guess "Cate" is hard to say in French?

Hm. I think that's all I have for now. I'll probably post more later. I have homework to do now...


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  1. Hey Kitty Cat, sounds like you are meeting some interesting peeps. Love you!