30 April 2010

Two days of Kansas City

The weather is absolutely fabulous today! 80 degrees and party cloudy.

Oh, there is a ridiculous amount of wind right now!

Regardless, it's a beautiful day.

I don't have time to post much right now because I'm going to head out to another couchsurfing gathering, but I wanted to post two KC photos.

What I like about this first one is that while Kansas City is quickly growing and developing, the past is still sticking around. This sign is off of Shawnee Mission Parkway, and I can't help but notice it every time I drive past (which is just about every day). What I didn't know, however, was that the cleaners are still open! Had I noticed that before I walked away, I would have stepped in to chat... but, alas, I was en route to babysitting and didn't have the chance.

This next one is McGonigles. They have been around since 1951- and everyone says they have the best meat around! I was feeling like cooking fish (for the first time!!!) so I thought why not run over there and pick some Tilapia up. I'm not sure if they only do this on nice days, or every day, but they have had a grill going every time I've been there, and you can order sandwiches and such. There are also tables and chairs set up in the grass so you can enjoy the weather while you eat! 

Ok... I'm out! Going to go enjoy some homemade sushi...

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