30 April 2010

Morning rain

It was so nice this morning to wake up to light rain. After a night like last night, that's the best.

Like I'd said in the previous post, I was headed to a couchsurfing gathering for some sushi. So, I'm thinking this is some simple, normal, every day sushi. Boy was I wrong! Torey had made the sticky rice, and ordered a fish straight from Seattle (I forget what kind... I'll update this when I do!). He torched it so it was semi-cooked, then placed it on a ball of sticky rice, with fresh grated garlic and a piece of green onion, and finally topped it with just a little bit of ouzo sauce. Oh. My. Gosh. It was absolutely incredible! Mix that with the view from the highest point in Kansas City, and it was a great night!

But we were just getting started.

You see, we had a group of about 12 people, 3 of which were couchsurfers from England who are traveling across the US (jealous). We went out to Westport (a local area with lots of bars), waiting for 3 more couchsurfers from South Africa to join us. That got exciting! Once they bar had last call, we broke apart, and I headed back to Torey's house with the "Brits". More entertainment quickly ensued, followed by a giant tackle of Torey's roommate due to his irrational decision to go for a drive. I think he will prefer the giant welt on his head to the stupid decisions he would have made while behind the wheel... but he will also have a terrible headache! Wasn't how we thought the night would end... but it was definitely a blast.

(oh, and I met Torey's aunt, Samantha. Check out her website. She's incredible at what she does!)

Photos coming after I get my homework done and take my final...!


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