27 April 2010

43 days...+ Chicago

The countdown has officially begun for my official departure to Moldova! Actually, this countdown is for the departure to a place within the United States where we will have 2 days to meet other PVC's (Peace Corps Volunteers) and do more paperwork and vaccinations. Yahoo?

Anyways, I have a few things to get done before departure. Starting today, I am going to take 1 new photo a day of things I love about Kansas City and post it. Also, every time I eat out, I want to make sure I eat somewhere I have not been before. I started yesterday with Pizzabella  last night with Matthew for some pizza and wine, followed by Jardine's for the last song of the night. Bad timing, but we got to stick around with the employees for the wind-down. It was great! They always have fantastic music, and one of their servers, Baby J, is just awesome. We always have a blast when we go. Ok, I'm already breaking my "new place" rule... but it's to listen to music, not to eat! That's different!

On a different note, I was supposed to be in Paris right now. Due to the volcano in Iceland I had to cancel my trip. I got an email that my flight was cancelled just hours before it was supposed to take off. I went ahead and took the connecting flight to Chicago because I'd never been there before, and I hoped the airports would open up shortly thereafter so I could make it! Unfortunately, it got worse, so even if I did make it there, I may not have been able to make it back. I returned to Kansas City after 4 full days in Chicago! It was great!

I saw many famous paintings at the Art Institute, from Henri Toulouse-Lautrec to Manet to Monet to Polluck. As I was walking through the museum I was able to identify the artists just by looking at the paintings because I had studied them when in Angers! Guess I did learn something while there... just kidding. I also toured Memorial Park and saw the infamous BEAN sculpture, went to the Aragon Hall to see a band, saw Navy Pier from far away, and saw the Wrigley Stadium. Check out the photos!