28 April 2010

It used to take a bath

It used to take a very long bath, book, and glass of wine to calm me down if I was having a stressful day or week. But as I am sitting outside on a swing, I am realizing there is something else that is incredibly calming.

You see, it is an incredibly gorgeous spring day here in Kansas City. The birds are out, it's partly cloudy, and it's a comfortable 60 degrees. I am taking in the bright green of the trees and the grass, the vibrant colors of the flowers, and the sound of a neighbor mowing his lawn. The most peaceful part, though is Griffin.

Griffin is a 12 year old with Angelman Syndrome. He cannot speak or write, but he listens very well. With the weather finally getting warm, he has discovered how much he loves to be outside playing in a child's pool full of water buckets and usually rather dirty water. If he's lucky, I'll even put soap in there sometimes so he can make bubbles. He doesn't care about the temperature outside, or the temperature of the water. He just loves to be out there. Right now he is sitting in the corner of the backyard in the last patch of sun that remains. He looks so angelic and content. Just knowing he is happy makes me happy, and it's giving me a true sense of peace. 

Maybe I'm feeling good because I got in a (short) 30 minute bath before the kids got home. But I don't think we'll ever know... but it doesn't matter. I am feeling good.

So, my photo of the day (cell phone quality because I haven't gotten in the habit of always having my camera yet): Griffin.

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  1. Love the pics and more than that - love what you said about Griffin. Love you