02 February 2010

With a rainy day comes a new post!

Today it is definitely raining... so I've had some time to work on photos and update the blog :)

Florida has just been fantastic. I've been playing volleyball every Sunday...

and working... sometimes. I've spent countless hours at the pool working on my tan (I need to have my skin prepared for the sun in Africa, right??) and reading.  I've also been cooking!! My guacamole is the best my roommate has ever had, last night was homemade gluten-free gnocchi, and, hmmm, what else? I can't remember. I'll start taking photos to document it.

Yesterday I finished Stones into School. It was an absolutely wonderful book and very inspiring for my next adventure.

Thankfully I had last Tuesday off so I was able to show three last-minute couchsurfing Frenchies around Fort Myers! Here are some photos from our day...

We got our morning coffee at Cafe Matisse, here in Fort Myers. They had gone the night before (before getting in contact with Evan saying they could stay with us!) and the owner is from Quebec, Canada, which means he speaks French. So they wanted to go back, but, sadly, he wasn't there in the morning. Coffee shops don't quite work like they do in Europe, where the owner is almost always there, especially in the morning.

We then went to the Bowman's Beach on Sanibel Island for awhile. It was a little chilly, but regardless, it was beautiful!

Our final stop was a 2 hour drive through a reserve. There are "alligator lookouts", but sadly, no more alligators.

... until next time!!

Oh, and to hold you over, a couple cute pics of L. Check out her boots- I think she gets her style from me. What do you think? (She dressed herself!)

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