10 February 2010

I'm turning into my dad!

Today is the nicest day of the week here in Fort Myers. 75 degrees! Yahoo! Until you add in the 20 mph winds, and now the rain. Next week should be better. I hope!

On another note, I think I just ate more ketchup than eggs with  my eggs. I think I'm turning into my dad!!

This is the first time I'm trying eggs alone since I associated them with part of my stomach issues. With the suggestion from my aunt, I took out the yolks. Hopefully I won't have any problems! We'll know later, I suppose!

I also made this great spread this afternoon, thanks to the recipe I got at the local Publix grocery store. It consists of butter (in my case, dairy free buttery spread), cinnamon, powdered sugar, cayenne pepper, ginger paste, and a little bit of oil to make it a little more fluffy. It's delicious on my brown rice bread! What's so nice is that it is a creamy consistency with a sweet yet spicy kick to it!

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