16 April 2009


We arrived in Ireland yesterday evening to rainy weather. No worries- the first night in a hostel is best when spent socializing! We ended up meeting a couple from UNC studying abroad in Montpellier, France, and a girl from Australia who is traveling the world! Since it's so expensive to travel to-and-from Australia, apparently there is a "around the world" plane ticket you can buy, which gives you 1 year to travel and there are certain spots along the way, but at the same time you can change it at any time without an additional fee. What a great idea- the USA needs that! Jo is 5 months in to her journey and is having a blast.

This morning we got up early to head to Galway, Ireland for the day/night. The 4 hour bus ride passed so quickly because I was watching out the window most of the time (or sleeping!). I LOVE the countryside in Ireland! There are stone fences everywhere that keep the sheep inside the property. Just absolutely gorgeous!

We came to Galway for the small town experience- and for the sea. However, Piper decided to take a grand fall after taking a photograph and not watching where she was going! After a couple of bleeding and bruised knees, Kayleigh went to get bandaids... and it couldn't get any worse, right? WRONG! I turn around, and Piper had bird poop on her face and coat (the same coat she spilled wine on in Rome)... it was so funny... we were both crying so hard we were laughing. There was a nice guy from Barcelona who decided to help us, but he also just had to take a photo of Piper because it was too funny. (I'll post photos soon! I actually found a card reader... so I'll be busy on the bus ride back to Dublin!)

Time to go walk around more. I just had to share that story!!

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  1. I look forward to your visiting me! I promise the birds in my yard won't poop on you.