21 April 2009

Back to springtime

Well, I've officially made it back through day 1 of classes! The good thing is I believe we only have 2 5-day weeks of class in the remaining 6 weeks.. so that's good!

We arrived yesterday evening to what seemed to be stormy afternoon, that, of course, we missed (like the nasty weather on the rest of the trip. 1/2 day of rain, which we set aside for museums anyways? yes please! thank you!). I headed straight to the laundromat because, after 16 days, 2 pairs of jeans can get pretty dirty!! Anways-- it was great to be back in Angers, and for the first time it REALLY REALLY REALLY felt like "home". We left to spring just beginning, and we came back to it being her full force. It smells like spring, looks like spring, and feels like spring. The cool thing is we have almost completely missed the "april showers" and are jumping straight to the "bring may flowers" verse. It really is amazing how quickly time flies.

In my language class today we were discussing fears, and things we were afraid of as children and even today. It started as fears or thunderstorms and spiders, and turned in to dying. It kind of got me thinking about all of it though. As a kid, when it would storm, I would take my stuffed animals and put them under the piano bench and sleep there with them, because, at that time, they were the most important thing to me. But today, what would I take? If I have 10 seconds to grab the most important things to me for fear of the rest being destroyed, what would I take? What about you? What would you take then- and now?

Now it's time for bed. I have officially applied for KU graduation, changed my plane ticket to head back to NYC on August 20 (back in KC on the 24), sent an order, and researched cities for summer travel.

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  1. As a little girl, I would have taken my dolls, Raggedy Anne and Mary...now I would take my kids (if I could still pick them up).

    When do you graduate from KU?

    Love, M