23 April 2009


My host moms grandkids arrived Tuesday and they are staying until Saturday. They are SO stinking cute! There are twin boys, 9, and a little girl, 7 1/2 (can't forget that 1/2!) Colette asked me to take some photos of the kiddos yesterday, so of course I couldn't say no! They have been pretty shy until today... I think they are finally relaxing a bit. It's been great having them here. We made cookies today (not as good as Grannie's or Kelsey's... but they will work)! It's hard doing the conversions... even though I use a conversion thing, it just doesn't seem the same. Oh well, they're yummy! I tried to convince the kiddos to try peanut butter... but they wouldn't haha. However, I did get the little girl to try the cookie dough, and they all tried Reeses Pieces! They even wanted to add them to the cookies! I was too busy helping mix everything that I didn't get any photos... but it was still so fun!! I even got invited to have dinner with them (it's Thursday, and she's only required to cook us 3 dinners a week). That made me feel good!

Here are some photos from yesterday...

I ran yesterday afternoon and this morning (6:30am, GO ME!). My friend from Montreal, Diana, is going to be my coach for the next 6 weeks. She normally runs an hour 3x a week, but she's going to work with me everyday and so we will both be running an hour... soon :) Today I went 10 minutes without stopping (if you don't know my running habits... that is amazing.) I bought a watch with a stopwatch on it today so I can time myself and push myself. Should be great!

I head off to Rennes, France tomorrow until Sunday. See you when I get back!!

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  1. Beautiful photos ~ what a gift you are. I bet those kids loved you too.