10 March 2009


I had a meeting with my langue (language) teacher today, which we all have to do sometime. She said that I seem to be doing really well with my French, but I really need to work on my written part of it, with which I have to agree. Since last week, I met a lot of new friends friends, which is absolutely FANTASTIC for practicing my oral comprehension and response... but at the same time, I'm not writing what I'm saying, so that's not getting better. However, today was the first day I feel like I am not translating what people are saying in french in to english in my head... it's kind of weird because I think I am repeating what they are saying as they are saying it just to make sure I understand. The good part about that is I am gaining a much larger vocabulary, and I really surprise myself when I come up with a word (or... a NUMBER!!!) that I didn't think I knew. The more I talk in french the more I am feeling comfortable... go figure... but it's pretty great.

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