30 January 2009


Woah. I don't even know where to begin!! The last... I don't even know how many hours have been absolutely crazy. I started out in KC then flew to Cincinnati, OH. I was really worried about making it on time because there was a huge snow storm the night before in to the morning. However, I was on time- no worries. Then I went to the gate to board the plane to NY-JFK but it said I was going to Laguardia... which I knew wasn't right? So, when I booked my ticket from KC to NY, I accidentally booked it to Laguardia because that's what I was so used to flying into. But luckily there was a flight leaving 20 minutes later going to JFK, so that got taken care of no problem. Until my friend Brady pointed out that I would only have 90 minutes to pick up my baggage and transfer to another terminal to get from Delta to American Airlines... and I wasn't checked in yet! Oh jeez. The stress started to set in. However, I figured if everything was on time and I RAN I could maybe possibly make it because I didn't want to wait another 24 hours to catch the next flight to Paris. Well, as soon as everyone got on the plane they announced there was a 2 hour delay because JFK wasn't letting anyone in to the airport due to the weather conditions- but flights could still leave. So I was stuck and had to get the NY-Paris flight changed to 24 hours later. Bummer, but I guess it all worked out for the best. I'm usually not one to ever complain about staying in NYC for a night but it was frustrating because I was supposed to be in Paris, not to mention I was on 4 hours of sleep because I was trying to prep for the time change. Thank goodness for great friends- I had a place to stay and a ride back to the airport.

So- FINALLY! I'm not in Paris, staying with my friend, Guillaume. He met me at the airport when I arrived and we waited around for Emma. Actually, first we tried to find a mall, but it didn't open until noon- which is just now. So it was mostly waiting around with a croissant and a smoothie. We actually saw the guy (we think) that lives in the airport! You know the move THE TERMINAL with Tom Hanks? Well, it was based on the story of the guy living in Charles de Gaulle. Crazy, no?

I met a nice french guy on the airplane who actually lives in NYC! He is a musician and seems very nice. Maybe Emma, Guillaume, and I will meet up with him in the next few days we go to Paris while he's here. Who knows.

Ok, that's about all I have for now. I will update with photos later!

OH! I almost forgot! Guillaume's house is REALLY old and so "french". They have a beautiful garden that I can't wait to take photos of when the roses start blooming. There is a storage "shed" in the back that was back from WWI. When Guillaume was 16 he was just exploring the house and he found so many letters from WWI that were totally in tact with stamps and photos and everything. And the basement- which they call a "cave"- had history too. There is a masonic temple next door, and when the house was built a "secret" passageway was also built connecting the house to it. It's all sealed up now so they haven't tried to go through it. So- way cool.

Ok, that's all for now. We're going to have some fish and rice for lunch. We're STARVING!


  1. Cate, I was worried about the weather in NYC. Great to have friends! Moe