17 October 2011


Before I get to my funny story of the day, I want to apologize. My dad pointed out that it has been 2 weeks since I have posted anything. I am going to blame it on the lack of Internet, but it has also been really busy!! I hope to have new stories soon.

Here is the funny story of the day, though.

I was attacked THREE times.

Attack number 1: A kitten. All summer this little kitten seemed to hate anything but food. It ran from anyone and every thing that came near it and it's eyes were like it was a deer caught in the headlights. In fact, this little kitten even scratched my hand so bad that I have a nice scar (which I think will go away, but for now it's there.... but it was my fault. I tried to pick it up by surprise). Now it has decided I'm it's favorite person, and I'm not exactly sure when this transition happened but it runs to me whenever it sees me. Today it literally climbed up my pants until it was in my arms, and then it crawled around my shoulders to be sitting on my neck. I guess it wanted some attention. KITTY ATTACK!

Attack number 2: A flock of geese. Geese here are raised in groups and they stay in groups. They are let out on their own to graze all day and they just stay in groups, then when it's time for some "real" food, they know, and they come home. Together. Well, there are some geese that graze in the school yard. I was walking by them to go to Maria's for our (not-so-weekly) discussions. They started to move out of my way even though I was going around them... but apparently they didn't like it that I then started walking where they were because they put their heads down, spread their wings, opened their beaks, and started storming towards me. I'm not sure if anyone saw me, but I'm sure if they did it was a rather hilarious site as I was trying to mock them to scare them but it wasn't doing any good and they kept coming closer... and eventually I ran away. Scary moment.

Attack number 3: coffee. My dad sent me an awesome Starbucks travel mug which I am ever so thankful for. I didn't put coffee in it ahead of time so I went to the store behind to the school to do it after I spoke with Maria. I wasn't quite sure how many teaspoons of the instant coffee I wanted so I had her put 2 in and then I shook up the mug to mix it. That clearly wasn't a very brilliant idea because the next thing I new, hot coffee was spewing out of the lid of my mug as if a volcano had just erupted. Luckily I wasn't en-route to Paris and I didn't have to cancel my trip. I just want to say that no one was harmed in the making of my coffee this morning.

Now it's a quarter to 3 and let's hope I'm not attacked by any bears on the way home. Kittens, and geese, and coffee, OH MY!

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