21 May 2010


I have failed at updating by blog... daily pictures? EPIC fail! But to be fair- I haven't had internet where I've been staying.

Now, you may be asking where exactly that is?

I'll answer that. With a photo.

Don't know yet?

Ok, I'll tell you. San Francisco!

I came to visit for a week- and landed a job photographing graduation ceremonies until the 25th. Went back to KC for 3 days and then was back. It's absolutely wonderful! I know I tell everyone I'm moving to whatever place I visit, but I'm not kidding this time. This. Is. It. And what's even better is that I will have a job when I come back here photographing graduations- even if it is just temporarily until I can figure out what else I want to do.

Here is a shot of one of my favorite places. It's called "Three Twins" and is in Lower Haight (on Haight and Fillmore).

They have organic rice ice cream so I can actually eat it! Absolutely incredible. I forget how good those sweets are because I just don't eat them. You know what's funny about this place, thought? It's called THREE twins? Twins are only 2 (trust me. I know from experience). And when you order a "single" you get TWO, yes TWO scoops! Yummy!!

Now I need to get back to work... later!


  1. Oz loves San Fran and I want to visit this amazing place sometime too!

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